James Vick, Inc. was founded in 1987 with the sole purpose of helping client companies produce products better and faster. This is done by employing the techniques of Shigeo Shingo and the latest technology that makes sense. Some of the technology employed is very low cost. It is amazing what you can do with a limit switch that cost around $30.

James Vick, Inc. is an independent consultant. From time to time contractors will be employed on a larger projects but for the most part, the organization consists of just me. Why? So, I can stay focused on improving your operation as opposed to having the same problems you have, such as people, accounting, finance, customers, etc. 

Some organizations are better off by employing a team of consultants to help them with their desire to "make change." However, many of you out there don't need the seven digit help. The larger consulting firms take up a lot of precious time from your organization and much of that effort is fragmented. Most of the large consulting firms help S&P500 clients. Why? That is their target and they can afford their bills.

But, the S&P500 stock market index lags that of the mid-cap and small-cap indexes. So, why pay seven digit money for bottom of the heap performance?

James Vick, Inc. can work at the corporate level or he can work at the plant level. The plant level is where the money is made and typically where the largest benefits accrue. My career started out as a rough neck in the oil patch. After a year of that, I worked in the largest CNC factory in the world as a tester, machinist, inspector, and lab technician. At night I went to school and graduated after eight years of college. There is little that I have not seen in the supply chain from the nitty-gritty detail to the strategic planning of it all.

So, if you have a manufacturing or supply chain operation that needs improvement, please call or email. The numbers are on the bottom of each page in this web site. If I am unavailable, I know of several small consulting firms who do an outstanding job. If you think the job is too big for one man, call me anyway for an assessment of who you are going to use and how they will be used.



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