HP Promotion of My Services

In the summer of 2000 I mailed some promotional materials to various CEO's promoting my services. The promotion material contained a comparison between Compaq Computer and Dell Computer. I probably went over-board in my promotional materials by asking, "how can two companies consisting of the same gene pool be so diverse in performance?" I alluded to the famous article in the early 1980's, called the Tale of Two Cities. In that article the author demonstrated that Honda's Marysville Plant was heads and shoulders above a nearby American Motors plant in productivity and quality. The author alluded to gene pools since many of the people at both plants were related to one another.

Compaq and Dell are both Texas companies, but Dell's business model and supply chain process is far superior to that of Compaq. My promotional material claimed that if you operate more like Dell and less like Compaq your company would enjoy stock price increases more like Dells....up tens of thousands percent over a period of eight years.

One of the CEO's who received this promotional material was Carly Florina, who was the CEO of Hewlett Packard. Rather than calling me for my services, she apparently contacted Compaq. As of this writing she is in a huge battle to complete the acquisition of Compaq Computer.

All I was trying to do was generate some business. All I know how to do is increase productivity, improve quality, and make customers happy through the application of Shigeo Shingo techniques and supply chain management practices that I have picked up over the years. If Ms. Florina calls me asking to help her get the Packard family and institutional investors off her back in her pursuit of Compaq, I would have to decline.

HP was not a good target for me anyway. HP was one of the early forerunners in applying the principles and practices of Shigeo Shingo. 


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