Are you stupid?

At a Shingo Conference with Productivity Press in 1987 in Greenich, CT. a young attendee asked Shingo the following question?

What calculation do you use to pre-determine your scrap rate on complex operation?

Shingo replied, "Are you stupid?"

The young man then rephrased his question, as follows:

When you are doing development work and have not finalized the process, you must provide extra material to ensure product availability. The question is, "what algorithm do you use to compute the anticipated extra material?"

Shingo replied, "Are you stupid?"

By now the young man was rattled, but he tried again.

And again, Shingo replied, "Are you stupid?"

Then, Shingo slowly got up and with the help of his cane, he approached the white board and wrote:

                Current thinking: Plan - do - check.

                Proper thinking: Plan - control - do - check.


Re: Shingo, Shigeo, Non-Stock Production, Productivity Press, 1988. p. 227-228

Dr. Shingo elaborated quite significantly, but the young man was not listening. Attitude problems.


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