James Vick, Inc. Work Experience

Vick Consulting, Inc. has contributed to improvements in the Supply Chain in the following operating environments:


Manufacturing Environments

Project Management (ERP)
Configure-to-Order (C-T-O)

Engineered-to-Order (E-T-O)
Manufactured-to-Order (M-T-O)
Assemble-to-Order (A-T-O)

Make-to-Stock (M-T-S)

High mix/low volume
Job shops

Semi Repetitive
Repair and Maintenance

Low mix/high volume

Manufacturing Processes

CNC Job Shop (All machine types)
CNC Production Shop
Conventional Machines
Grinding and Lapping
Honing Machines
Flexible Machine Centers
Robotics (Cincinnati Milacron, Fanuac,and Prab)
Assembly Operations (Mechanical and Labor)
Assembly, Heavy and Metal Fabrication

Assembly, Automated

Assembly, Labor Intensive
Supplier Kanban

Supplier Intranet/Broadcasting

Supplier ERP Planning and Execution

Mechanical Presses
Hydraulic PressesPlasma Machines
Anglematic Machines
Pollution Abatement System

Cleaning Operations
Heat Treating/Annealing
Header (Bar Shears)
Impact Shears
Parts Formers
Autonomation (Loading and Unloading)

Plastic Injecting Molding

Compression Molding


Organizations: Functional, Product, Matrix, Multi-functional, Cross Functional, Autonomous Work Teams, Departmentalized (E.g., Engineering, Materials, Purchasing)

Industries Served: Defense and Aerospace, Electrical, Electronics, Automotive, Automotive Aftermarket, Oil Field Products, Hydraulics, Military, Industrial Equipment, Rail Car Manufacturing, Rail Road Logistics Maintenance and Repair, Industrial Machinery

It doesn't matter which of the above environments you are operating. The rules of supply chain management are always the same. Transformation Cycle Time Compression (TCTC)TM is not only possible in any of the above environments, it is incumbent on any organization to reduce it to remain competitive.

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